Advanced Scene Study


JIMMY O. YANG  series regularzon STAR FORCE, HBO’s SILICON VALLEY,   leads in CRAZY RICH ASIANS, and LIFE OF THE PARTY with Melissa McCarthy and PATRIOT’S DAY with Mark Wahlberg

ERIC LADEN  Apple TV’s For All Mankind, 2017/18 Season 2 Of History’s Navy Seal drama SIX As New Regular. (Previously on the first two seasons of The Killing and most recently as Glenn Taylor on HBO’s The Brink . He’s also had a number of key recurring roles on series including Bosch, Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire.)

NECAR ZADEGAN (still a client ) is now  a lead on NCIS: Nola recurred on Alan Ball’s new HBO show HERE AND NOW, was a regular GIRLFRIENDS GUIDE TO DIVORCE, was also a regular on Fox’s RAKE with Greg Kinnear, EMILY OWENS MD,  and “24”

FANSHEN COX GIOVANNI’s solo show ONE DROP OF LOVE  produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, is now a film! and she is still toured the play around the country with this ground breaking play and soon to be a movie.

RAY FORD  was a regular on both seasons of  “Don’t Trust The B….Apt 23”  

taught by Caryn West ( and a Professional Guest every 4 weeks)
TBA Feb 2021 (8 weeks)
 ( starts when 7 more slots are filled)
 Sunday eve.s  3:00-6:30pmPT/ 7- 10:30pm ET 8 weeks
( optional one month 4 week extension at reduced rate of $120)
Every 4 weeks a stage director or film director 
$275  (Pre COVID was $500)
 PayPal or Paypal credit ( interest-free for 6 mo.s)

CARYN WEST  Acting Coach/Actress/Director   the only teacher selected only in both LA and NYC as one of  “THE BEST AUDITION COACHES” Backstage West & East polls


I have devised a Zoom Online SCENE STUDY offering that has interactivity ( warm-ups and improv we all have to stand up for), Script Analysis principles we do in the studio with dramaturgical lecture handouts we can all download read together and doing the 2 finalized scenes for a fantastic, working director every 4 weeks.
Accomplished Directors Tom Dolby and Jessica Kubzansky are 2 wonderful special accomplished ones not normally availablesee who they are below


via Zoom or Google Meet TBD
All actors will work on
1 PLAY scene the first 4 weeks, present memorized to the stage director for feedback/adjustments


1 Screenplay scene for 4 weeks with a partner, to the film director for feedback/adjustments
Week One:
your intro Monologues still done online for others (Medium CloseUp, or standing)

and vocal /physical warmups the first week.

Script Analysis Lecture and  Handout, How to Rehearse Handout
Partners assigned

Weeks 2-3:

all assigned partners work on text, table read, memorized by week 4 of a scene
Edward Albee’s WHO IS AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF and Possibly BETRAYAL by Harold Pinter
Older actors play/study George or Martha
Young Actors study/play Honey or Nick

Week 4 

Jessica Kubzansky the amazing, gifted 
Jessica KubzanskyArtistic Dir. Boston Court Pasadena
 joins us to give feedback (all class online and footage taped)
 she recently directed Alfred Molina in the critically acclaimed THE FATHER at Pasadena Playhouse
Week 5 
Screenplay Assignments, warm-ups, vocal, Caryn’s Dramaturgy Lecture
Week 6

Zoom table read of Assigned Screenplay scenes with partner Screenplays we are considering scenes picked from: Michael Clayton by Tony Gilroy, Marriage Story by Noah Baumbach

Week 7
Off script Screenplay scene with Partner you have rehearsed with the last 2 weeks on your own.
Week 8 June 14 ( class and scenes taped )
TOM DOLBY Film Director Guest

who directed 2 Oscar nominees Lena Olin & Bruce Dern in
the soon to be released THE ARTIST’S WIFE, LAST WEEKEND with Patricia Clarkson
and who does a lot of producing (CALL ME BY YOUR NAME)

Director Guest: schedule permitting JESSICA  KUBZANSKYJessica Kubzansky 

Director/Art. Dir.  Boston Court Pasadena     

Recipient of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle’s 2014 “BEST DIRECTION” Award & “Margaret Harford Award for Sustained Excellence in Theatre”

( Jess co-taught for 9 years, has a very busy nationwide directing schedule but still subs when Caryn working )

Developed over 10 years,  our class is philosophically designed to allow you the time and space to really delve into a script,  explore a character for a few weeks without expectation of a “performance”; to venture into choices that might not be sure bets, to risk and fail in new modalities and really stretch: Strengthening your work ethic and reevaluating preparation, but also encouraging your spontaneity and freedom.  Risk, fail, and grow with roles that stretch you out of your comfort zone. Real working standards.

Tools you can use in any medium to be a better storyteller and actor: A script analysis guide informs your choices, makes you stand out,  create high stake choices, and find deeper insights into character. Did you know you get to work on your scene every week?

REGISTRATION at bottom of this page

STUDIO Class Agenda   4-6 scenes per class,  limited to 12! Expect to work nearly every week, this is not an observation class where you watch more than work.    REQUEST AN INTERVIEW FOR CLASS HERE ( attach pix/resume or URL to)

  • Warmups: Meditation, Body/Vocal and Improv warmups
  • Dramaturgy – what is the event of the scene, function of the character in the storytelling
  • Script Analysis- really breaking it down, the clues
  • Rituals, Secrets, and Lies of a Character
  • Pursuing Actions
  • Character Private Moments- finding behavior not dependant on text
  • Comedy Dynamics
  • Physicality
  • Genre/ Style Work
  • Your “Mojo”- Truth, Memory, Substitution, Experience, Intuition
  • Risk Taking- acquiring a new creative skill
  • Class exercises: Yatitudes/breaking habitual patterns, trying scary new skills, being present
  • Character & Intentions in Physicality, Yatitudes, Energy and Focus
  • Etiquette and Rules of the World your character is in
  • An Invitation to fail without recrimination in the pursuit of new paths and freedom
  • Working Director critique: Every 4th week with your scene

(Incoming students need to attend a one-hour orientation about Script analysis and Preparation tools- usually held  one hour before a regular class)


Tuition :    (due in check or cash at first class of the month or through PayPal)

NYC/ LA:  Online version 8 weeks $275     ( $225 off  PreCovid classes) 

In Studio  $500 8 weeks


8 week commitment, Interview/audition and industry referral required

Currently accepting appts:  818.693.465 or Email Us! with pix/resume URL  ( IMDb or actors access)

Sarah JAne Morris

Caryn, I’m so thrilled to tell you that after taking your auditioning class years ago, working and returning to your scene study class this past fall, I am back to work on a great recurring arc on NCIS!!  I actually get to use some of my “funny” we worked on in class, and I’m playing a smart, confident, “kick-ass and take names” woman!  I also booked a great role in a USA pilot called “Common Law”…Working with you and Jessica definitely helped me get my confidence back and think about ways to be “in action” and add layers and color to my work.  Thank you and I hope to be back in class soon.” – SARAH JANE MORRIS ( NCIS, Brothers and Sisters)

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