ALYSIA REINER  (BETTER THINGS, ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, SIDEWAYS, and star/prod. of the feature EQUITY ) Caryn was the first and best audition class I ever took. She is a genius of both technique and actor psyche and cutting through habits that hinder us. I use many of her techniques both in auditions and on set, like today!”


STUDIO 1 CROP “Real Tools for Working Actors”

Caryn West actress, director and acting coach

CARYN WEST    this award-winning actress and teacher is the only one selected in both NYC and LA as one of “THE BEST AUDITION COACHES” in BACKSTAGE’S WEST and EAST polls and has taught at many prestigious drama schools on both coasts.  A veteran actress & coach,  she first devised this ever evolving class 25 odd years ago based on her own and clients’ experiences. Ever evolving with the seismic shifts in our industry, Caryn still auditions, self tapes, and works ( Recurs in Apple+ LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY…just like her students.   Bio and Video

The Zoom/ Live Stream Audition Checklist, The Home Self Tape Equipment Checklist, Preparation, Memorization, How to Deliver in Quick Turnarounds,  Achieve great Home Taping Setups without breaking the bank. Community support.

2024  Spring Offering

POSTPONED due to family emergency

April 11- May 3   4:30pm PT- 7:30pm /7:30 pm-10:30pmET

TBA  late April $350 4 weeks
Early enroll  by Sat April 6, 2024  $295, save $55
For these actors anytime:
SagAftra actors still catching up after the strike $250 ( show pix of union card)
Alumni  $225
2024 brings many contract changes to self tape guidelines. And you need to know how stay competitive with great tapes and to ace Zoom Live auditions. Come get Caryn’s new handouts, and equipment tips,  practice focus and real artistry for both! 
This Intensive is Industry recommended on both coasts. We work on a process to deepen the work on your tapes. Adapted for these ever-evolving Self Tape auditions, getting great booking results!
Focusing on Your Magic and Uniqueness, Character Depth, editing strategies, Script and Genre Analysis, Zoom Callback Checklist and Tips, Camera Stillness, and Vulnerability. Taped scenes. Join us!  


Kelly AucoinKELLY AUCOIN   (“Dollar Bill” on BILLIONS, THE AMERICANS, HOUSE OF CARDS etc)“Caryn’s workshop is just the best. So much savvy feedback on how to attack a scene, and give your best performance. How to identify the style of the project you’re going up for. But also, just such incredibly detailed advice on tech, what the decision-makers are ACTUALLY looking for when they want it, and what — fair or not — they want it to look like. She’s rigorous but super supportive. And just a f*cking blast to be around. ”

RAKE regularNECAR ZADEGAN  (Lead MAYOR OF KINGSTON, CBS’ NCIS: NOLA, HBO’s HERE AND NOW, regular on GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE,  EMILY OWENS M.D., EXTANT,  and  “24”): “Caryn very quickly understands scenes and characters and where the scene should go is always supported by her keen eye for specifics. Her audition technique class is singular amidst the rest…She is clear about why auditioning is an art unto itself…Under Caryn’s tutelage, I really had a chance to hone the art of specificity within my acting but also entirely within my life as an artist..                                                              


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 Kilner Head ShotKEVIN KILNER ( veteran actor, lead on 3 series ) “Run to Caryn, do not walk.  I’ve been a Professional over 30 years, studied with some gifted, excellent teachers. No one is more talented, thorough & on the edge of what is the latest in the Industry, Social Media’s use in it, script analysis, & acting craft for the camera. If you are looking for the Real Deal?  It’s Caryn West.”

Patricai richardson

PATRICIA RICHARDSON (Series lead HOME IMPROVEMENT, WEST WING, STRONG MEDICINE, 4 Emmy nominations took the AUDITION INTENSIVE twice!): “Did an amazing workshop with Caryn West last weekend/auditioning/goal setting/marketing /learned SO MUCH!  Inspiring and exhausting, invaluable”

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