CARYN’S SPACE FOR ACTORS’ mission is to provide real tools for working actors, inspire them to stretch their craft beyond comfortable assumptions and become true artists, and to support their courageousness to keep showing up with the goal of booking! We do this in a boutique studio environment meant to serve no more than 12 in any class; so you get our full attention.

Teaching actors to avoid her youthful mistakes, to learn the current trends, to expand true art in their craft while offering integrity and genuine care to her clients, gives Caryn a higher purpose she is grateful for.

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  • AUDITION INTENSIVES LA     Caryn West is renowned on both coasts for the evolution of this course over 25 years, long before the quickie trends in teaching. Providing a solid foundation of preparation, audition camera technique, script analysis & courage tools. She has guided many established, working actors. (see Testimonials) And she gets you to back to playfulness and ease! From an authentic working actress /coach /director’s point of view.
  • ADVANCED SCENE STUDY+ Director Showcase  LA and NYC w/ Caryn West  ( co-taught schedule permitting Boston Court Art.Dir. Jessica Kubzansky)  Continuing the journey of real growth and bigger risks in your work. No gurus,  no BS. Folks have actually booked more, when their deepest craft is engaged in this class.
  • ON CAMERA WORKOUT   Alumni only of AUDITION  INTENSIVES, SCENE STUDY, COACHING clients   4 week minimum/$50 per night   Warm up, Brush up, Prepare an audition the next day, practice On Camera, review  camera footage, Troubleshooting career needs, Career accountability help.
  •  NYC OFFERINGS Free INTRO CLASS:  “THE WORKING ACTOR ONLINE”   Internet Musts & Marketing , co taught with color expert Jill Kirsh  Registration

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