CSFA’s Discount Coaching Card

” The best there is.  In the tradition of the great New York acting coaches,  Caryn knows how to interpret material and help me knock the ball out of the park at every audition! ” – EILEEN GALINDO

 PACKAGE OPTIONS  save $150 to $700/hr with a coaching bundle. Buy a card:

FACETIME or  ZOOM options:   Facetime on your Mac, iPhone or iPad are our preferences as it seems more consistent, set up is easier, I don’t have to wait for you,  and the reception is rarely compromised even on LTE connections. ( Setup Facetime and then email carynwest@mac.com or for a Zoom Link Text Caryn at 818.693.4625)  

ONLINE COACHING is more and more convenient to get last minute help on text analysis, taping tips, genre and character specific choices and tactics,  back story secrets and triggers to bring it alive inside you, running lines, developing  simple staging ideas, and what to wear.   We have found it quite effective and close to the MCU framing of most CD run tapings now too.  Remember all these options, you need a fast and good internet connection!

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