Scene Study Registration

Congratulations on joining us on this journey to great artistry!

By enrolling in the Advanced Scene Study,  you agree to the following:

Scene Study Contract of Commitment

I commit my participation to this Scene Study class for at least an 8-week initial commitment. (all new students are on an 8-week trial basis and we reserve the right to not renew participation)

I understand that:

  1. I will do my professional best to arrive 10 minutes early so we can start the class promptly together, prep and center. I will be responsible for my preparedness with costumes and/or essentials props.
  2. Attendance at every class is expected with scene work-ready. Treating the class like a professional audition,  I will notify Caryn West or the Key student promptly if, and only if, I have a professional conflict and cannot attend.
  3. 3 hours rehearsal per week is expected for each scene (or two 90 minute sessions. In LA only, You can reserve CSFA Studio at to do so with my partner between classes for each class presentation. Failure to do so could mean forfeiture of the next time up.  And by myself, I will learn to fall in love with the world of the script, script analysis,  finding the backstory,  dialect, movement, rhythms, secrets and rituals of the character, running lines, so my own work ethic emerges.
  4. All exercises assigned are expected to be worked on over the week and presented the following week. Failure to do so could mean forfeiture of the next time up.
  5. All class fees are for the full session, not based on your class availability, and are due by the first class in every 8-week cycle and are nonrefundable.  Caryn reserves this time in their busy schedules for you.
  6. No refunds can be made for missed classes.  A missed class cannot be made up with a free coaching.
  7. Caryn reserves the right to cancel a class and reschedule if a professional conflict arises. We do their best to attend every class and are likewise committed to you and your progress.
  8. I will show up with joyfulness, fun, respect for the class, for one’s partner, and with the courage to grow, observe,  and support others. There is learning in listening, and supporting others work, even if I do not work myself.
  9. Should my scene partner not be available for a class, I will still attend and work on a new assigned monologue.
  10. I have read the  SCENE STUDY POLICIES AND EXPECTATIONS HANDOUT pdf  and am ready to work and play

Payment to CSFA constitutes an agreement to this commitment.

1. FILL OUT At your earliest convenience:


2.  Pay Tuition payment links of the Registration: 

        1. In-Studio Only tuition: 8 weeks   $80 that right!  or what you will ( early enroll!) 
        2. Paypal below. (You don’t need a PayPal account to pay, you can use a Debit or Credit Card and also have their option to Bill Me Later (no Payments or No Interest if paid in 6 months) in installments.
        3. Cancellation and Reschedule Policies:  If you wish to cancel: Up to 7 days before class begins we will refund all.  No refund is given if canceling occurs after that.  No transfers.  No make-up classes.  We reserve the right to reschedule Caryn for professional or personal reasons. 



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