Caryn is the only acting coach to be cited in both Backstage West and East polls as one of  “THE BEST AUDITION COACHES” in polls in the last two decades.

Our mission is to provide real tools for working actors, to stretch their craft beyond comfortable assumptions, to nurture true artists to be effective storytellers, and inspire them to keep showing up with the goal of booking! 

Caryn West  

An acting coach and teacher for over 30 years, consistently recommended by the industry on both coasts. An award-winning working actress and director who attended AFI’s prestigious Directing Workshop for Women. Recurring in Apple+’s LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY, and a lead the film BACKBONE at AFI FEST Oct 27, 2023

AUDITION INTENSIVES  2024 Spring Offering

Thursday Afternoons (ZOOM, bicoastal) 

April 11- May 3   4:30pm PT- 7:30pm /7:30 pm-10:30pmET
$350 4 weeks
Early enroll  by Sat April 6, 2024  $295, save $55
For these actors anytime:
SagAftra actors still catching up after the strike $250 ( show pix of union card)
Alumni  $22
2024 brings many contract changes to self-tape guidelines and knowing how to compete in a large field of submissions, and ace Zoom Live auditions.
Come get Caryn’s new handouts, and equipment tips, avoid self tape bad habits, practice focus and real artistry for both! 
This Intensive is Industry recommended on both coasts. We work on a process to deepen the work on your tapes. Find your artistry and risktaking again after so much self tape isolation.
Adapted for these ever-evolving Self Tape auditions, getting great booking results!
Focusing on Your Magic and Uniqueness, Character Depth, editing strategies, Script and Genre Analysis, Zoom Callback Checklist and Tips,
Camera Stillness, and Vulnerability. Taped scenes. Join us!

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Facetime, Self Tape via Facetime / Zoom/ WeAudition: Script Analysis, One on One rehearsal,  Taping, Tech advice  Schedule An Appt.  Discount PAckages starting at $150 off for a 3-hour package, or $300 off a 5-hour package

SCENE STUDY/WORKING Pro guests  (8 weeks) Mid May  2024 TBA   

8 weeks Thurs eves 7-10:30pm   

(by application and invitation only  ) *12 slots Work every week!

The last 3 years have made us very result-oriented meeting mad self-tape deadlines. Here is a space to make mistakes, experiment, and grow again. A focus on Process:  games, silly and search for character in movement exercises, vocal warmups, improv, and deeper skills with working directors giving feedback every 3 or 4 weeks. A journey of real growth & bigger risks in your work. Rehearsal time in studio for free. Past Director Guests:  possibly Jessica Kubzansky  (Art Dir. of the Boston Court Pasadena) and Tom Dolby film dir/ prod (THE ARTIST’S WIFECALL ME BY YOUR NAME), or film actor Chris MulkeySCENE STUDY APPLY 

Kelly AucoinKELLY AUCOIN   (“Dollar Bill” on BILLIONS, STERLING AFFAIR, THE AMERICANS, HOUSE OF CARDS etc)“Caryn’s workshop is just the best. So much savvy feedback on how to attack a scene, and give your best performance. How to identify the style of the project you’re going up for. But also, just such incredibly detailed advice on tech, what the decision-makers are ACTUALLY looking for when they want it, and what — fair or not — they want it to look like. She’s rigorous but super supportive. And just a f*cking blast to be around. ”

RAKE regularNECAR ZADEGAN  (Lead MAYOR OF KINGSTON, CBS’ NCIS: NOLA, HBO’s HERE AND NOW, regular on GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO DIVORCE,  EMILY OWENS M.D., EXTANT,  and  “24”): “Caryn very quickly understands scenes and characters and where the scene should go is always supported by her keen eye for specifics. Her audition technique class is singular amidst the rest…She is clear about why auditioning is an art unto itself…Under Caryn’s tutelage, I really had a chance to hone the art of specificity within my acting but also entirely within my life as an artist…”


ALYSIA REINER (Fig on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, BETTER THINGSSundance hit feature EQUITY and SIDEWAYS): “Caryn’s was the first & BEST audition intensive I ever took. She is a genius of both technique and actor psyche and cutting through habits that hinder us. I use so many of her techniques both in auditions and on set, like today!” 

Adrain MArtinezADRIAN MARTINEZ  (NYC actor, regular on BLACKLIST: REDEMPTION sidekick to the stars’ in ‘Focus’ (Will Smith), ‘Walter Mitty’ (Ben Stiller) and ‘Casa de mi Padre’ (Will Ferrell)  From beginners to veterans, Caryn helps all actors with her passion for actors— she’s a great one herself— and laser-sharp insights into your work, and how to help you interpret material and nail that audition. She’s simply awesome.”

DAVID ALAN BASCHE  (series regular “The Exes”, “Starter Wife”, “Lipstick Jungle”, “Three Sisters,” “Oh Grow Up,” films include “United 93”, “War of the Worlds”, “Full Frontal”) “Caryn’s class changed my life: I take what she taught me into every audition, and it works over and over again, and that means: so do I !”


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