David Alan Basche

DAVID ALAN BASCHE  (series regular on THE EXES, STARTER WIFE, LIPSTICK JUNGLE, THREE SISTERS, OH GROW UP, films include UNITED 93, WAR OF THE WORLD, FULL FRONTAL ): Caryn’s class changed my life: I take what she taught me into every audition, and it works over and over again, and that means: so do I ! 




CARYN WEST the only teacher selected in both NYC and LA as one of “THE BEST AUDITION COACHES”  BACK STAGE West and East polls. Caryn is an award winning  professional actress of longstanding, she still auditions… just like her students.  (Google “the best audition coach”)


NYC: The Weekend Feb 1-2  16 hrs. Sat/Sun 10-6pm  (early enroll by Jan 18 and save $50) REGISTRATION 

Caryn’s ever evolving and famed class jam packed with prep tools, sources of courage,  breathing and centering , focus handouts, tricks of Camera Auditioning and self taping from a working pro and coach.


Topics covered:

Foundations of Courage, Camera Script Analysis and Preparation check list, On Camera Power and Focus, Tricks and Etiquette – keeping focus and power in the taping, Your Story Function, the Genre and Tone defines smart choices,  1-6 liners: “Co-stars are harder”,  the Power of Strong Actions & Tactics, Breathing and Ease, Eliminating Self Sabotage, The Tricks to being effective and playful at CD Workshops, Effortlessness, Being Present and Playfulness, CD/Agent Workshop Tips  and Tricks.  The Power of Stillness.   All Auditions shot on your own USB flash drive to take footage home. 

Where: SUNLIGHT STUDIOS  321 West 44th St., Suite 202 New York, NY 10036


 Feb 1-2,  2020  Sat/Sun 10:00 – 6pm

(Early enroll by  Jan 18, save $50!)   $320,  after January 18,  $375 +paypal fee



ALYSIA REINER (Lead the feature EQUITY, Fig on ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, and Thomas Church’s bride on the hit film SIDEWAYS) : Caryn’s was the first & BEST audition intensive I ever took. She is a genius both of technique and actor psyche and cutting through habits that hinder us. I use so many of her techniques both in auditions and on set, like today!” 









Free class: THE ACTOR ONLINE:  MARKETING & AUDITIONING  TBA A Free Presentation   TBA 2016  6:30- 10:30pm  with Caryn West  Seats limited, register early here! 

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