Her Vision & Goals set in the 2015 class and now!

This kind of email from a former student in NYC makes my life were fulfilled and happy! ( Tricia was in the NYC  AUDITION INTENSIVE 2015 , the same kind of class back she first took from me in 1995, but very evolved from those times.)


So today ( Jan 18, 2018) I’m cleaning and organizing, and I found the binder I made with you in 2015 – the last time I took your social media/auditioning/vision class. I couldn’t believe when I read my one and five year vision statements and goals…I’ve accomplished so many of those goals.
It made me feel so happy and grateful and I just wanted to write you to tell you. And to thank you!!!!!
Some news on my end here:
  • I guest starred on Homeland in December and they want me back for another episode in a few weeks!
  • I just did my first sitcom in NY – Kevin Can Wait – opposite Kevin and Leah. Darren Goldstein  played blind dates for Leah and Kevin and we end up together. I learned a ton.  Kevin and one of the producers actually told me maybe we will see you back….so who knows about that! I  I am glad I got to have that experience.
  • My webseries Mommy Blogger just got optioned by Jim Biederman and Marla Ratner. I created, produced and have starred in this webseries over the past year and am super proud of it. I think of what we have shot as “proof of concept” and that’s how Jim and Marla think of it too. I’ve included a ton of actors I love and respect and have great people lined up for the future. The next step is meeting with Jim and Marla’s agents – CAA – and the goal is to connect with a celebrity producer.    When I began meetings with Jim and Marla, honestly I was prepared for them to say “This is great, but networks will want a star and are you willing to sell the idea….” And to be honest I was! I love the idea of being a creator and exec producer of something and I want it to happen. But Jim and Marla INSIST that I play this role, and Kevin Isola play Jared. They are optioning it based on what we made…and who the cast is. Of course Networks will have final say on casting…and we will deal with that when it comes! But the reason they want to attach a celebrity producer is they believe a celebrity actor will agree with them, and that it wouldn’t be funny to have a name actor play my part because its so much about the desire for fame….
We will see. But I feel excited to be at the bottom of this mountain…that I get to be on the mountain range and I get to try to climb it!….is exciting.
  • Another web series I helped to create with my group of support friends (one of whom took the class with you! Laura Shooop!) has just been picked up by Scary Mommy. They are giving our group 30k to produce five more episodes and our webseries will become a Scary Mommy production which has millions of followers….it is pretty exciting that a group of friends (I think I told you about our group!) who gathered weekly to help each other with auditions, would be able to create something like this.
  • I did record music in Nashville for my website, and
  • I did star in a musical at Sacramento Music Circus where my whole family (35 people) came to see me over the past summer. I love Dolly Parton and can channel her and I played the role of Doralee in the musical 9 to 5 last summer. I was so happy to see that as two of my super specific goals in my five year plan were accomplished….and now I have a wonderful relationship with a regional theatre near my hometown that I can envision working at again and again.
  • Now one of my goals is to finally create a one or two person show about Dolly Parton because I know I have a gift for channeling her. The world loves her music and her presence. And I want to create a show I can do anywhere where I get to channel her and give that to people.
WOW. Envisioning and list making works.
Happy for you to share any of this  . Or I’m happy to craft something much shorter for your newsletter? Honestly Im happy to share this with you privately too…I just wanted to share and thank you for the encouragement and support along the way!
Now its time to do my next one year and five year plan!
xx Hope all is well in your world.

Love, Tricia”

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